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1919 Louetta Point Circle Springs, TX 77388

July 26th & July 27th

#SpreadTheLove Weekend

A collaboration of events,
experiences, and programming
dedicated to impacting local
families, communities, and
organizations dedicated to social
impact and sustainability.

Power of Love Summit

We are empowering women and young ladies across generations. This summit will provide various topics for high-level engagement and empowerment. We aim to bridge the gap between the elder generations and the up and-coming leaders and young aspiring leaders.

Rooftop Celebration Party

Celebrating 7 years in social impact and year 1 in the DMV. Hosting downtown on top of the Martin Luther King Memorial Rooftop.

"Essential Love Kit" Pop - Up Drive

The “Essential Love Kit” Pop - Up Drive will encourage others to look at the small ways to enhance the lives of those around them. We will collect, prepare and sanitize all donations and resources for distribution. The Pop Up theme allows us to have multiple distribution locations.

Ton's of Love Recycling Challenge

How BIG can you go and how much cleanliness can we create? Creating your Eco - Love Team will put you in the race to collect the most waste. Grab a mask, gloves, and eyewear to take on the Ton of Love Challenge.

Volunteer Pancake Kickoff

This is about being the hands and feet of outreach. Our volunteers will always be the driving force that makes the mission and vision sustainable. We can’t show our appreciation enough. We must tell them, show them, and feed them, well! Did I mention PANCAKES?

Empowering Underprivileged Communities

We strive to empower underprivileged communities and individuals with the tools and support needed to build successful and sustainable bodies, minds, and families. We aim to foster an environment of inclusion, safety, and stability for our network. Our efforts are dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty and creating economic opportunity for everyone.

R & D Research/Testing

Created a Market tested program solution

Host, Partner & Collaborate

Host "STL Weekend" in select cities.

Execute Programming

Provide digital, live and virtual engagement

Build Sustainable Developments

Sharing data and scalable growth opportunities


About Flexible Transitional Systems

Flex Transitional System Programming

FTP or Flexible Transitional Program is a sustainable project model that meets the current housing needs by offering a more dependable safe space for those experiencing homelessness, sudden losses, and other life-altering circumstances. This program aims to provide support and resources to help individuals and families transition back into society with dignity and stability. Through collaborative efforts and innovative solutions, we strive to create a nurturing environment where people can rebuild their lives and thrive. Our goal is to empower those in need by offering a comprehensive program that addresses their housing and support needs holistically. With a focus on sustainability and community development, the Flexible Transitional Program seeks to make a lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable populations.

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