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Welcome to Laila's Love Initiative

Building a Better Tomorrow, Together.

Laila’s Love Initiative (LLI) is a federally tax -exempt 501 (c) 3 organization, committed to developing flexible transitional housing solutions & resource programming in select communities across America; focused on community development projects, renewable resource programming, and sustainable living practices. LLI supports workable living habits for low/moderate families and the process of “reigniting” honorably discharged veterans, victims of injustice reform, substance & domestic abuse patients, and single parent families.

About Us

Building With Love First

I hope this message finds you well.

The #SpreadTheLove campaign is our global initiative that seeks to raise awareness about the significance of love and connection in our world. Through a variety of engaging activities, events, and initiatives, this will embody an environment where understanding and empathy thrive.

Our programming’s geographical agenda was created to inspire positive action within local and global communities. It urges individuals to embrace love & kindness within their interactions; thereby playing an active role in LIVING IN A COPABLE ENVIRONMENT that prioritizes volunteerism, small acts of kindness, and capital initiatives.  This empowers individuals to make a genuine impact in the lives of others and AMONGST SELF, contributing to a more inclusive and responsible society.

Through these initiatives, we have sparked a national rapport that does not prioritize AGE, ERA, GENDER, RACE OR POITICAL PARTY but, embodies the pursuit of a more harmonious future.  We invite you to explore our programming to gain a deeper understanding of our mission, goals, and the impact we aspire to sustain.

I sincerely hope that you find Lailas Love initiative and its associated programming and experiences aligned with your values and interests.

Thank you for your time and attention in advance. We look forward to DELIVERING ON OUR PROMISE TO PARTNER WITH THE GREATEST MINDS TO SHARE OUR VISION AND LOVE.

Laila M. Davis

Founder Member



Young & Gifted

Meet Laila, Our Inspirational Founder

Laila’s Love Initiative has gained a lot of momentum since its founding because of this young lady’s drive. From organizing volunteer work, to connecting with local businesses for product donations, to creating special events for those in need, Laila has dedicated her time and energy to creating a better world for those around her. Laila is an inspiration to all – a reminder that even young people can make a powerful difference. She is a passionate advocate for social justice and equality, and her drive and passion makes a real difference in the lives of those in need.

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Explore our various ways to engage and contribute to our mission of creating sustainable housing solutions for all.

Development Process

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Grow, Educate, and impact our initiatives with us

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Flexible Transitional Systems

Building Sustainable Housing Solutions

Our commitment to developing a sustainable project model than the current status quo housing model by offering a safe space for those experiencing homelessness, sudden losses, and other life-altering circumstances.


Partner with Us for a
Sustainable Future

We know that invaluable programming is not a one-person movement. We want to execute it with you! We are constantly looking to develop partnerships and work with others who:

Progressive Environments

Securing Partnerships

in Tech & Programming

Fostering a Sustainable Network

Problem-Solving Strategies

As a Sustainable Resource Partner, you seek to support people contributing their talents and interests towards a sustainable and inclusive future, in the best way possible!


Developing corporate and communal initiatives with innovative leaders who take action in bridging the gap.

Three Pillars of Impact


Sustainability drives us, our values and mission as an organization. It’s at the core of everything we do and is what motivates us in our work.  We will execute with key network collaborations, partnered resources, and direct community relationships.  Our public service focus are for homeless, domestic/substance patients, discharged military veterans, and/or individuals affected by civil injustices.


Actively guide members from homelessness to homeowners, while providing self – sufficient programs and services.


Creating and implementing innovative communities that accurately assist families and communities develop for the future.


Providing opportunities to ensure families and communities in need have the resources to thrive everyday with endless restraints.

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