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A major gift usually begins when a benefactor is deeply engaged with Laila's Love programming and chooses to support our organization at a level of $25,000 or above. This kind of significant contribution to the organization can be made as a single gift or spread out over the course of 1 -3 years.

Customizable Gift Plans

Many of the organizations major benefactors are annual donors and have dedicated a portion of their gift to support the Love Fund which provides resources for the organizations most important financial needs, such as attracting and maintaining top faculty, creating new and innovative curricula, or providing scholarships to our bright and deserving applicants.

Additionally, these benefactors choose to invest in special projects near and dear to their hearts. or in a dedicated campaign that really moves our initiatives such as Flex Transitional Solutions! Love Swings program.

Here are a few examples of customized major gift plans.

Example 1: Susie

Susie McClain is passionate about fine art painting and came to a Creative Expressions for Mental Health Awareness Event. At the cozy yet vibrant experience Susie shared a discussion with two gifted student painters. Intrigued by the passion to which the students described the artist intentionally feathered brushstrokes, and the programs encouragement of their deeper understanding of the form, Susie engaged in a two hour discussion that made a lasting impact. She learned many things about the students, from how connected they were with the program’s mission, to how students wanted more free space to create art.

Sparked by the intimacy of the setting and the care brought to the students’ growth through the one-on-one advisement, Susie felt compelled to support the programs growing initiative, and help to create more space for budding artists. Here is an example of how Susie’s gift of $35,000 can support both an annual gift, such as programming scholarships, with a special project gift such as more programming experience opportunities. 

By 12/31/24$10,000$3,333$13,333
By 12/31/25$10,000$3,333$13,333
By 12/31/26$5,000$3,334$8,334
TOTAL GIFT$25,000$10,000$35,000

Planning A Major Gift?

If you are interested in seeing our programming and organization grow, weather that be through supporting innovative development projects and curricula programming, or by giving to critical members success programs that help Lailas Love Initiative lead lives of significance, consider donating a major gift in upwards of $25,000+.

Schedule your personal meeting with an Advising Board Member, to discuss what you are passionate about and how you can customize a giving plan that is right for you.