LAila's Tiny Home Project

Small but mighty: Making a big impact with Tiny Homes

The Battle

We dream of change. We dream of providing dependable resources even to local communities with a sustainable foundation. We don’t want to fight for attention against people with the ability to impact. Instead, we strive to push change and collaborate with like-minded impactors and organizations. Above all else, we don’t want to be prepared to fight this great battle but find ourselves lacking the proper structure or support to ensure our plan’s success. Why? Because we dream of change.

no more fighting, it’s time to build.


Transitional housing a is merely a foundational component as we  strive to create a safe space for those seeking to reestablishing self sufficient  living as a working-class citizen with good physical and mental health.  Our mission provides those seeking  to connect with essential services, programs, and most importantly, love.

We build with you; we grow with you

With, Laila’s Love’s Tiny Homes Project, you’re investing time into building better bonds in communities; growing insight and programming for individuals and families while bettering fallen soldiers with hardships to re-integrate back in to everyday society.


Transitional Housing

Tiny Home Project is a natural bridge between homelessness and becoming a homeowner. We have built our program focusing on the person-to-person aspect of helping people create a life where they can provide, sustain and build for themselves.

Reset Programs

People stuck in rough life cycles can see learning a new trade, ability, or setting a life goal as near impossible, but with Laila's Love's help, we can change that. Our goal is to get 85% of admittances to become owners of their own life. How? By giving 110% to everything we do.


By providing on-site facilities focusing on essential aspects of growth, we aim to empower individuals in their journey towards self-improvement.

Self care

It is practically impossible to narrow a person's life into categories. That is why Laila's Love's Tiny Homes Project provides both on-site and digital tools to accelerate our members' potential towards growth, development, and a more fulfilling life.


HEalthy Living

One of the critical parts of anyone's life is health and wellness. Our members will leave the Tiny Home Project with the ability to control their health and wellness through their newfound skills in balancing their diet and maintaining necessary medical recommendations.

Self Suffiecent

To wake up and go to sleep in your own bed, in your own home, is not something everyone has the privilege to do. We aim to grow the number of people who have this privilege with each person that passes through our doors.

Employees, Entrepreneurs, & volunteers

We value our network and what they do for our members. Our network provides opportunities for business ownership, volunteering opportunities, and employment to our members.

Re - Integration

Future HomeOwners

Tiny Home Shelters are not just an opportunity for relief but also a stepping stone for members towards a career home and land ownership.

RoadMap To Reality



Host "Love Week" Series. We will host 10 total beginning in September 2022



Customize solution system from collected data and beta test driven market needs.



Provide a necessary balance of digital and live engagement with our Partnered Resources and yearly "Love Week" Series.



Scale with the ability to provide members & partners opportunities to advance & innovate our developments and programs.


Partnered Resources

For groups, organizations, and other programs that want to become a partnered resource.

Love Week Sponsors

Our organization is accountable for setting the tone in efforts to grow and develop with our leaders

Leaders That Volunteer

We want you to grow, learn, and impact our initiatives with us. Join our volunteers today. Volunteers are KEY!