Love Week..

A week of sharing love for others through community service assignments, eco-friendly experiences and inclusive empowerment events.

Creative Expressions for Mental Health

Creative & self expression will be the first love event of the week. Youth participants will have the opportunity to make their mark, showcase their individuality as we crown a creative writing champion and prepare gift bags with our resource partners for later in the week.

Love Food & Clothes Shop

The “Love Clothing & Food Shop” will encourage the youth to look at  the small ways that they can enhance the lives of those around them. Students begin to understand the power of volunteerism and culture sensitivity.

Pancake Day

This is about being the hands and feet of outreach. Our attendees will be able to really see how their efforts will make a difference in the lives of the people around them. Prepping distribution cars and making sure our support zones receive their items safely and securely.  Did I mention PANCAKES!

#TonOfLove Recycling Challenge

How BIG can we go and how much cleanliness can we create!  Creating your Eco-Love Team will put you in the race to collect the most waste.  We have created safe cleaning zones for all volunteers of all ages to grab a mask, gloves and eyewear to take on this Love Recycling Challenge.

Tiny Home Project

The idea behind the Tiny Home Project is to create a safe place for homeless and rehabilitated people to reintegrate themselves back into society. Our mission is to bring people together in a safe environment, where they can be connected to services and programs.

What We Are Here To Do

Our mission is to spread the love, bring sustainability living practices to others and bring people together in an environment where they can heal, grow, and love their life.

Love Tiny Home Project

Our Tiny Home Project set out to establish a safe space to provide premier transitional model towards housing and execution with programming resources for members in need.

Partnered Resources Program

We know that Love Week is invaluable program to offer, and we want to execute it with you! We are constantly looking to develop partnerships and work with others who:
  • committed to social change
  • know the importance of community
  • understand the value of collaboration. 
  • philanthropic
  • organization
  • business of any capacity

As a Partnered Resource you seek to support people contributing their talents and interests towards a sustainable and inclusive future, in the best way possible!

Our Impactful Focuses

Sustainability drives us, our values and mission as an organization. It’s at the core of everything we do and is what motivates us in our work.  We will execute with key network collaborations, partnered resources, and direct community relationships.  Our members are homeless, domestic/substance patients, discharged military veterans, and/or individuals affected by reform and civil injustices.


Actively guide members from homelessness to homeowners, while providing self – sufficient programs and services.


Creating and implementing innovative communities that accurately assist families and communities develop for the future.


Providing opportunities to ensure families and communities in need have the resources to thrive everyday with endless restraints.

Partnered Resources

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