Laila’s Love utilizes conscious networking principles to create a socially conscious network of local leaders, business owners, youth, and social influencers to give and support underserved and at risk families, military veterans, individuals victimized of prison reform and/or substance/domestic abuse patients.

Here's The Challenge

We can create the programming, provide outlets to market and brand the necessary operations and staffing but we can’t build, manufacture and process the material and equipment to execute the construction and permitting process.

Our Priorities

Who is…

Laila Davis

Laila is currently a 12 year old STEM standout, cultural arts enthusiast and writer.  As an entrepreneur with unique creative, loving and ambitious drive, Laila has set her focus on creating eco friendly living for people in America.  She has created change in her community and engaged youth to participate across the United States on several occasions. Laila knows that through community, self-expression, and love we can make a real impact but through participation we can sustain change  that can create and dictate opportunity for more and more families and businesses.