LAila's Tiny Homes

Small but mighty: Making a big impact with Tiny Homes

The Battle

WE wanted to help others but we didn’t want to battle other non profits for the ability to assist the world.  We wanted to provide a dependable resource to local communities that carried a sustainable foundation but we didn’t want to battle for the attention of doers and people with the physical or intentional ability to impact.  WE wanted to create change and share the wisdom of collaboration with other like minded impactors and organizations.  WE didn’t want to have to battle with having this amazing project and not having the proper structure or roadmap to ensure everyone’s success, growth and development.

“So we won’t battle we will build.”


The idea behind the Tiny Home Project is to create a safe place for members to get back into society as working class citizen in good mental, physical and well being of health. Our mission is to bring people together in a safe environment, where they can be connected to services, programs and love.

With You, WE Build

Provide a sustainable impact to our members with a return to the community and region.  We will execute with collaboration key network relationships, partnered resources and direct community support.  Our member focus caters to the  homeless, domestic/substance rehabbed, military veterans with honorable discharge and cannabis reformed individuals



Tiny Home Project is an immediate bridge between the gutter and housing ownership. The programming, the way people are treated and the support of the community give our initiatives a solid foundation to provide, sustain and build.


Providing on site facilities for program workshops, health and hygiene, social recreation and life building practices will empower a small community lead a higher rate of members to progress.

Manna CAre

Life's focus for our members can't always be categorized. Providing programming on site and digitally accelerates our member's diversity of tools. It also provides better growth and development avenues to ensure that we instill life into them as individuals.

Reset Programs

We aspire to build our network into a global connectivity tool. A person in a tough life cycle can win in this life. Learning a new hobbie, trade, ability or life goal is only as far away as someone can reach. Our goal is to peak 85% success of onboarding members to impact our members becoming owners of their life. We are giving 1000% effort and hope to fall somewhere in the middle.


HEalthy Living

One of the #1 keys to life and long life is health and wellness. Our members will leave the Tiny Home Project with the knowledge and ability to harvest their own food or simply balance their diet while maintaining the necessary medical recommendations.

Self Suffiecent

The ability to wake up and go to bed in your own home; sleep in your own bed is a blessing. Our members will build a plan and execute a plan to obtain this level of comfort with our partnered resources and team.

Employees Entrepreneurs

We value our network and are committed to the needs of our member's future. Business ownership, volunteer opportunities and gaining employment through our network engraves stability for our member's lives.

Future Owners

Tiny House Shelters were only a stepping stone for member's. We are driven to provide opportunities for members to not just for relief but pursue ownership in their home, land and other assets. Time is not lost.

RoadMap To Reality



We will grow in the direction of innovation that provides our members opportunity.

We have developing partnerships and collaborations to lead our initiatives and social agendas through 2022. We will update our site as we are able to release details.

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